Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ranch and Barbecue Chicken Salad

I had this salad at a party for my sister Amy when she was in town for a short weekend. It was really yummy. I don't have the exact recipe but I have made it many times with the memory from my head. Here goes....(it's really, really yummy...)
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
2 heads romaine lettuce
2 romaine tomatoes, chopped
2 cans corn
2 cans black beans
8 0z Mex. cheese, shredded
bag of tortilla chips - smashed into smaller bits
1 cup ranch dressing
1 cup of favorite barbecue sauce
Grill the chicken breasts and cut into thin slices after cooked. Tear lettuce and place in large bowl. Add tomatoes, corn, beans and cheese - or whatever else floats your boat. Throw in the chicken and tortilla chips. Mix it up good. Add dressing and mix thorougly again. This is a salad that needs to be used and cannot be stored. Make according to what your family will eat. This will not dissapoint my lady friends. Enjoy. BON BON

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