Monday, June 2, 2008

The IFs, ANDs, or BUT(T)s!

IF I knew how to add a song to the blog, I would choose:
In case you haven't noticed, when I'm stressed, I SHUT DOWN! (and it's been a VERY stressful 6 weeks for me!)
IF I had my own blog, the title would be,
That is NO EXCUSE for neglecting my chef friends--I'm sorry! You are so very kind to still love me anyway...And thankfully, my stress has subsided, but I still can't do a real post because I'm TOO BUSY trying to recover (in every way!) from my big shut-down. (Not to mention the fact that I haven't cooked in WEEKS!)
So here is my meager offering to our blog...a link to a site I really like...
Do try her recipes--they look really good (in an artery-clogging, BIG BUTT-building, calorie overloaded way--A girl after my own heart!--[my poor, poor heart...]) AND she's very fun AND so talented...(but NOT NEARLY as fun and talented as my friends BON-BON and TRULY!)
I'm sure I will get back to cranking out my own GORGEOUS and GOURMET-ISH recipes in no time...Until then, enjoy PW's recipes!!
p.s. BON-BON--I LOVED your "missing you" and "can't smile without you" posts--you are FUNNY--thank you! You made my day(s)!

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