Monday, December 22, 2008

Candy Cane Chocolate Cookies

Look what I made tonight...mmmm.
My children will be giving these to their teachers.
If you've never had these, you must go...bake some tonight!
You will not be sorry.
The recipe calls for red food coloring.
I like my food without coloring.
This is how the white frosting version turned out.
Doesn't really matter, either way they are YUMMY!
I also smashed my candy up finer, I don't like big chunks although they look better that way. You decide! Last but not least, I used heavy cream instead of condensed milk in the frosting. Heavy cream trumps all else when it comes to frosting.
This is the blog that I borrowed these from.
Click on the picture to see the recipe.
I was too lazy to type it all out.
I doubled the cookie part and got 40 single/20 double.
I didn't double the frosting and I had enought to frost the sandwiches.
Bon Bon

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