Thursday, August 19, 2010


I KNOW...brilliant, right?
What to do with all those veggies in the garden...I came up with these. Stroll out to your garden and pick some fresh veggies or drive to the local market and pick up some up.  Slice, dice and throw them into a heated skillet with some EVO.
Next...send your daughter outside to pick an avacado off your tree and slice it up.
Then pull out some wheat tortillas, sour cream and MJ cheese.  If I had some salsa verde, I would have pulled that out too.  (next time)
I like my tortillas slightly fried but you can eat them plain too.  Go with whatever you're feeling that night.  Slather some sour cream on the bottom and top with the veggies, cheese, avacado and salsa.  (if you are smarter than me and remembered to pick some up while grocery shopping)
I grilled some chicken for the chickens who didn't want their fajitas completely vegetarian.  Here is a fajita unfried with chicken.  It's just as tasty.
See?  She LOVED it!
Two thumbs up for dinner.

You're welcome.  Bon Bon

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