Thursday, February 14, 2013


This was a new one for me....I didn't love it, but my family did.
You might like it too--Truly!

(recipe from THIS site)
1 box yellow cake mix
ingredients needed to make cake; eggs, oil and water
2 (3.4oz) boxes instant Vanilla or French Vanilla pudding
4 cups milk 
1 tub Chocolate Frosting
Make cake mix according to directions and bake in a well-greased 9x13 pan.

When cake is finished, while still warm, poke holes all over cake intervals using a wooden spoon handle
 or other similar size object.
You want those holes fairly big so the pudding has room to get in there and you need to poke 
straight through to the bottom of the cake.
For the life of me, I could not found my round wooden spoon. 
So I went with my knife sharpener.
Go with what you got.

In a medium bowl, add milk to pudding mixture and continue to whisk until most of the lumps are removed. 
Pour pudding on top of warm cake.
Taking care to pour straight into the holes in the cake.
 Take a spoon and spread it out. I like to very gently press down to ensure that pudding goes 
into the holes and spread it all the way to the sides.
Put cake in fridge and allow to cool completely before adding the frosting.
(about 2 hours)

 Remove the lid and foil covering from the tub of chocolate frosting.
Pop it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.
Stir with a spoon. It should still be thick but pourable - not bubbly hot.
Pour chocolate frosting on top of pudding.
 Spread frosting to evenly cover cake. Start in the middle and gently spread to the sides.
Allow to cool on the counter for a few minutes, then put into the fridge to fully cool and set up.
This cake needs to be kept refrigerated.

This is one of those cakes that I almost think tastes better after it has sat in the fridge overnight.
I think it really helps the pudding to settle in and blend all the flavors.

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