Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chicken Curry Salad

Have I done this recipe before? :)  I can't remember and with a baby sitting on my lap, I'm too lazy to check.  This is my lunch today.  It's YUM! (and so easy)

Take some leftover cooked chicken (or cook some up special just for this recipe, whatever floats your root beer), toasted chopped pecans, chopped celery, raisins and red apple chunks and mix together.  Add mayo, curry and cayenne pepper to your liking.  Then salt and pepper it til you think it's perfect.  Eat it on bread or lettuce - I'm a rabbit, so I prefer greens.   And then enjoy.

(and don't ask me for exactness here...I make it up as I go)

What's my name again?  Oh ya....Bon Bon.

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