Sunday, April 13, 2008


this might be a Utah thing, it might be an acquired taste. perhaps it's just a childhood memory.
Whatever it is, I like it. SO, give it a try....I know it sounds scary but it's good, I promise!

1 cup crushed pretzels

3 T. sugar

1/2 c. butter soft-melty

pat into 9X13 glass pan

bake 350 for 10 minutes


8oz. cream cheese

1 c. sugar

mix until soft

fold in 8oz. cool whip


Drain large can of crushed pineapple (save juice)

put on top of cream cheese layer


6oz. raspberry jello (big box)

2 c. HOT water

pineapple juice plus enough water to = 1 1/4 c.

pour into jello

put in bowl in fridge to set a little


pour on top of crushed pineapple and refrigerate



Nanci said...

I have a recipe for a strawberry version (no pineapple, mix strawberries in with strawberry jello) from when I lived in Georgia. The sweet sister who shared it with me was southern born and bred so I don't think it's a Utah thing! I love the mix of sweet and salty together.

Cathy said...

Mmmm. I think this might qualify for my food storage. :) JELLO and pretzels and pineapple. I'm going to try it.

The Orton's said...

I LOVE this recipe but don't have it so thankyou very much.